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Doing it Your Way

So here you are, all grown up. I mean in your head you’re still living your best life, dancing it out at your favourite monthly club night. In real, real life here you are, actually adulting and parenting real life small people.  You’re wondering when you’re going to get found out. Surely you shouldn’t have this level of responsibility? What if that inner critic, telling you that you ‘re doing your kids more harm than good is actually true?


You’re trying to work out your own path.  But there’s just so much noise!

“Have you bought this?”

“You just need to”  

“Have you tried?” 

“You’re doing what?!” 

 “Alright then” (delivered with a smirk and side eyes)

 “Good luck with that”


I wonder if any of these examples are familiar to you?

So your baby is now a one year old and everyone else in your antenatal group has stopped breastfeeding.  Your little boob monster is showing no signs of giving up anytime soon but more than that you don’t want to.  You find yourself jumping to distraction techniques when they want fed around family or friends.  Because it just feels easier to not deal with the looks, the unhelpful comments.  But what about you, feeling like utter crap because you’re not meeting your child’s needs, and then falling down a guilt hole for hours afterwards?


Further down the line there’s potty training 

“So they’re 2 now, are you starting potty training?”  

“You were all potty trained when you were 2”   

You know in your gut your child is just not ready, their only interest in toileting is unravelling the toilet paper and not giving you a moments peace when you’re in the bathroom.  Then the ‘what ifs’ kick in.  “What if they’re never ready?”  “What if you can’t do it by the time they start nursery?” “What if they’re the only one?”


And lets not forget the tantrums, at the park or the supermarket (our kids love a public performance right??)  You know you need to remain calm and be respectful of their feelings but you can feel all the eyes on you demanding that you just TAKE CONTROL of the situation for God’s sake.  So you do and your child is miserable for the rest of the day because they didn’t get their needs met and you now feel like shit and just wish you’d been a bit more confident to do it your way


So you carry on just trying to keep everyone else happy because that feels easier right?  

But is it really easier when you’re not happy? You’re not just unhappy though.

More than anything you’re pissed off, if only you could just trust yourself and not feel like you have to listen to everyone else, all the ‘shoulds’.  If only you could just shut out all the judgement.


And then there’s that voice or maybe it’s a reminder from a more empathetic friend,

 “Trust your instincts”

But how??? How do you trust yourself to listen to that voice in your head that is so tiny because it’s never ever been listened to. It’s almost given up, because everytime it tried to speak up it was shut down.

So how the fuck can you trust it now when you are responsible for actual small humans?!

Because it’s the only voice you CAN trust.  I’m not saying don’t listen to advice or seek help when you need to but you are the one that gets to make these decisions.  You! Because you’re already doing this, your kids are doing way better than just surviving.  And don’t you want them to be able to trust themselves, to not have to look at what everyone else is doing?

Doing it Your Way is a 60 minute workshop that will infuse you with the confidence you need to break this pattern, and build faith in yourself.

You’ll find out why this is absolutely NOT your fault

Refocus on what parts of parenting are working for YOU

Find out what steps you can take NOW to make life less stressful for you and your kids

I’m Leilah, founder of Other Mothers providing pregnancy, birth and parenting support.  I’m an Early Years Specialist with 15 years teaching experience, Hypnobirthing Antenatal Practitioner, mother of 3 and recovering people pleaser.


It’s taken me 3 kids and nearly 10 years to release (most of) this stuff, and I’d love to accelerate that shift for you. 

When you book, you’ll receive link to the workshop delivered to your inbox.

The workshop is yours to keep and go back to whenever you need.


available now for just £22

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