Hey lovely, I see you, I do.

You’re exhausted.  You spend all day working, at work or at home with the kids.  The marathon of teatime, bathtime, bedtime and theres all the tidying up to do more washing to sort.  Where is your time??  This isn’t the version on motherhood you signed up for. This constant feeling of being stressed out and feeling trapped.

What happened to your life?  Is this really what motherhood and parenting is?  giving everything up to facilitate other peoples lives?  Yes of course you love your kids and your partner but there has to be more right?

And theres so much noise. The constant information overload, from car sear choices, to opinions on schools to screen time debates.

You want whats best for your kids but it has to work for you too.   But how? What isit that works for you?  You just feel lost, like you don’t belong.   You’re not sure how to move forward because you’re not exactly sure what is stressing you out the most.

Take a minute


How about talking it through with someone that gets it, that can help you identify what the problem is right now and what your next step could be?

How does it work?

Claim your Confidence sessions take place by video call over zoom and the recording is yours to keep so you can go back over anything you need to anytime.

One thing right now, thats causing the most worry?

I’ll work with you to put steps in place to get you moving towards a version of parenting that works for you.


Let me take you from overwhelm to confidence so you can ask the for the support you need to help you make the decisions about your parenting that are right for you.

From having your head in the sand to knowing that you’ve got this!

Sessions start at £27 for 30 minutes or you can book a 1 hour session for £47

Why work with me?

I am a Hypnobirthing practitioner, Early Years Specialist and Coach. I specialise in working with mothers to develop their confidence so they can ditch judgement and do motherhood their way.

I’m also a mum of 3. In all three pregnancies, I have navigated the overwhelm managed the road bumps and made the decisions that were right for me and my babies.

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